August 24, 2010


Having attempted to start this blog almost a year ago, I can't really call this THE beginning.  It's not a second beginning, because I think I've re-attempted several times over the last year, only to discover that I let it lie fallow for months as I planned a wedding, started a new job, and then followed-through with aforementioned life changes. 

Why now? 

Well, it's possible that "thesis-completion-fear" has officially set in and I am desperate for something to do with my computer besides actually write my thesis whenever I sit down to fulfill the "write thesis" portion of my daily to-do list.  But it's also because I am feeling like now is the time.  I have been feeling the tickle at the back of neck for so long now, and I have all these grand ideas (many of which will likely be kept secret as I mull on them and realize they are about as cool as my "infamous dad jokes") and so...

now is the time.