October 21, 2010


Goodness, 2 whole months between my first and second posts.... must have been all that thesis writing that kept me so busy.  Okay, it wasn't thesis writing.  It was general slacking-off, combined with many nights of successful culinary ventures that will be blogged about in short time. But until then, I found a new source for food ideas that I had to share.

When I think of London, exciting, fresh, vegetarian food is very far from my mind.  I think about fog and rain and how despite the fact that they all speak my language, it seems such a very large city that I am pretty sure I'll always be too terrified to check it out.  (Mind you, this is all based on reading the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries and falling prey to the stereotypes I see on TV....)  And food-wise?  Well, bangers, fish and chips, cottage pie, delicious beer... but not fresh and tasty, light and healthy.  And then I read about Ottolenghi.  He has some really neat ideas about how to put food together, and which foods to put together, and basically just makes for some fun food reading.  Plus, you get to read it with a British accent.